Kent State Aaup Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Kent State Aaup Collective Bargaining Agreement

Kent State University, located in Kent, Ohio, is home to the Kent State Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). The AAUP is an organization that advocates for academic freedom and shared governance in higher education. One of the ways that the Kent State AAUP works to achieve these goals is through collective bargaining agreements.

A collective bargaining agreement, or CBA, is a legally binding contract between a union and an employer. In the case of the Kent State AAUP, the CBA outlines the terms and conditions of employment for the university`s faculty. It covers everything from salaries and benefits to workload and intellectual property rights.

The current CBA between the Kent State AAUP and the university was ratified in August 2019. It is a three-year agreement that will be in effect until August 2022. Some of the key provisions of the CBA include:

– Salaries: The CBA provides for annual salary increases for faculty members. The amount of the increase is based on a combination of factors, including merit and market competitiveness.

– Benefits: The CBA includes provisions for health insurance, retirement benefits, and other benefits for faculty members and their families.

– Workload: The CBA outlines the workload expectations for faculty members. It includes provisions for class size, course preparation time, and other factors that can impact the quality of instruction.

– Intellectual property rights: The CBA includes provisions for the ownership and use of intellectual property created by faculty members.

One of the benefits of having a CBA is that it provides job security for faculty members. The CBA outlines the process for resolving disputes between the union and the university, which can help to prevent labor disputes and strikes. It also provides a framework for addressing issues that arise during the term of the agreement, such as changes in the university`s budget or enrollment.

Overall, the Kent State AAUP collective bargaining agreement is an important tool for advocating for the rights and interests of faculty members at Kent State University. It helps to ensure that faculty members are fairly compensated and have the resources they need to provide high-quality instruction to their students. If you are a member of the Kent State faculty, it is important to familiarize yourself with the provisions of the CBA and to work with the AAUP to ensure that your rights are protected.

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